Ways student athletes are staying prepared for their sport


April Carr, Writer

Being a student athlete can be challenging at times, however, online school has brought a whole lot more new challenges. It can be hard to stay motivated to workout while at home, but it can be beneficial for athletes to stay in shape. Working out at home can help an athlete stay ready rather than get ready.

Some coaches sent out daily workouts for their athletes to use, and others used workouts that Athletic Director Mitch sent out.

“My coach sent daily workouts and stretches to do,” sophomore Libby Woodard said. “It really helped me find something to do and get prepared to go back within the next few weeks.”

During this quarantine, there have been a few things open — such as golf courses — which was helpful for sophomore Alexa Szpak to stay in shape and on top of her sport.

“Some things I do to prepare myself for golf are practicing my swing so I can have a consistent swing,” Szpak said. “I also go up to the driving range to practice and keep going.”

Holding friends accountable can also help to stay on top of workouts, as well as having someone to workout with.

“Talking with my friends about their struggles with working out is really beneficial for me,” junior Laura Singer said. “It helps keep not only me motivated but them motivated too.

Although friends may be helpful to some, others may enjoy working out with family — as their family is around them every day.

“I do the workouts sometimes with my mom,” Woodard said. “She keeps me motivated and healthy for the day.”

Some other motivators for working out can be using a planner to schedule workouts or listening to music to keep up the energetic spirit.

“I workout a few days a week to stay motivated and healthy,” Szpak said. “Music is a big help to motivate me. It keeps me going when playing golf and working out.”

Although it may be hard to stay motivated, there are numerous ways student athletes can train at home for their sports, whether they are in season or coming up