Winter sports updates


Madysen Krug, Writer

Winter sports have started up again, however, numerous changes have been made. In order to keep athletes safe and healthy, new rules have been set and expectations are elevated. 

As of January 16, Ski, Swim, Gymnastics, and Bowling are all eligible to have full practices and may start competition next week— the ski team is already competing because they started earlier as an outdoor sport,” Athletic Director Michael Bakker said. “Basketball, Wrestling, Competitive Cheer are only allowed to have conditioning, weight training and activities that promote social distancing as of right now. They will be able to start contact practices on Feb. 1, with contests starting shortly thereafter.” 

Returning will be the mask requirement for sports, but now teams are limited at competitions.

 “As we have been doing all year, students will be required to wear masks during practice and contests— except while actively swimming or performing a routine in gymnastics,” Bakker said. “We are also limited to only having four teams at a competition, so there will be no large tournaments in swim, wrestling, competitive cheer and others this year. No other playing rules have been altered at this point.” 

Because of social distancing, audiences and crowds at sporting games and events are limited.

“As of right now, we are limited to 100 people at indoor events, which will only allow for parents of the participants to attend,” Bakker said.  

Although the restrictions change a lot of things with the sports season, Fenton High athletes and coaches are pushing through it together.