High Schools are finding it hard to be scouted


Benny Burke, Writer

In the middle of this pandemic, Fenton High has faced struggles trying to orchestrate sports the way they desire. With seasons constantly being pushed back, along with guidelines and their inconsistencies, these are only some examples of the school’s struggles. Something that upperclassmen are struggling with this year is the lack of scouts and recruitment to colleges. 

“Recruiting was difficult because I couldn’t take any official visits to my top schools and won’t be able to until April,” junior Gracie Olsen said. “I committed early to Indiana University, I had to act fast before the offer was given to another recruit. For this reason, I decided to commit in October rather than my pre-COVID plan to do so in December. The COVID situation itself leads to other swimmers making quick decisions or missing out as a whole.”

Winter sports have especially struggled in scouting this year. With the limited play time it has proved to be very difficult for these athletes to be recognized.

COVID-19 has progressively gotten worse putting the rest of our season in jeopardy. I haven’t put much thought into how this season will play out, considering it’s not in our control,” wrestling coach Brad Beverley said. “If we’re allowed to wrestle again, we will only be able to wrestle league opponents until the postseason. Kids will only be able to compete 1 day per week which could get each wrestler 3 matches per day.” 

The lack of matches and meets will severely affect the ability of these wrestlers to be spotted and recruited, making it a common theme this season.