National Honor Society plans to induct new members


April Carr, Writer

National Honor Society (NHS) is an organization for juniors and seniors with a grade point average of 3.5 or above who are dedicated to giving back to their community.

Fenton High’s NHS is run by teachers Charles Miller and Vera Hazlett, as well as President Brody Stack and Vice President Taylor Farrell. To get into the NHS, there is an application process where students are evaluated on leadership, service and character.

Returning NHS senior Holly Fijolek loves NHS because she enjoys giving back to the community.

“My favorite part of NHS is that it allows students to participate in community events that they wouldn’t normally get the chance to participate in or attend,” FIjolek said. “I love seeing the community at our school and in our area come together to help each other. It ranges from someone who needs a tutor to donating and collecting non-perishables during the holidays.”

During the 2019-20 school year, the NHS induction was cancelled due to COVID-19; however, Miller is hopeful that there will be a face-to-face induction this year.

 “We do want to have a face-to-face induction,” Miller said. “The induction usually takes place in the gym and it is a ceremony to welcome new members.”

An induction is a formal ceremony that students have to rehearse prior to the actual induction. Fijolek states that the induction is very monumental and all NHS inductees deserve the formal experience.

“My NHS induction was in the spring in the gym,” Fijolek said. “We had to rehearse beforehand to get to know our places. I also remember being coached on when to walk and how to turn corners in the gym, which I thought was funny. We all held candles and there was a little chant we had to repeat that was basically an agreement to uphold the clubs values. It was really formal, but an exciting start to the membership. I think all students that are accepted deserve to experience the induction, it was really memorable.”

Hazlett plans on having a face-to-face induction this year, making it as normal as possible.

“We will have two inductions,” Hazlett said. “Thurs., May 6, at 5:30 p.m. for last year’s group and their families in the gym as usual; but, we will have a maximum of 250 people— including our students.The induction for this year’s inductees will be held the same day at 7 p.m.and will have a capacity of 250 as well.”

NHS is a club to consider if all of the academic requirements are met and giving back to the community is a students priority. If students are interested in applying visit Miller or Hazlett for the classroom code. The application is located in the classroom and is due Mar. 15. Students will be notified of their acceptance in mid-April. For more information on the NHS timeline visit