The Playbook: Tigers opening day


Benny Burke, Writer

For the 2021 Major League Baseball (MLB) season, the Detroit Tigers are third in the American League Central (ALC) and started their season facing off against the Cleveland Indians. 

Opening day was April 1, with the Tigers winning 3-2. The Tigers took the series and won two out of the three games. In the first game, Miguel Cabrera hit a homerun during a snow flurry. It was so unclear where the ball was that he ended up sliding into second unaware of what he had just done. It was the first homerun he had hit on opening day since 2008.

The second game resulted in a 5-2 victory for the Tigers, the third in a 3-9 loss.

The new additions to the roster include the following: Wilson Ramos, a new catcher; Julio Teheran, a pitcher; and a new left and center fielder. The center fielder being Akil Baddoo, and the left fielder being Robbie Grossman.

The Tigers record as of now is 3-3 and their betting odds for making the playoffs are less than ideal— but it’s still too far to tell. Betting odds will become more accurate as the season progresses and the record becomes solidified.

So far, the Tigers are doing average and in line with how they do every other year; however, there is the possibility that they’ll hit a hot streak and rise in the ranks. If that happens, the scores of fair weather fans will pick up their hats and mitts to go root for their “favorite” team.