The Playbook: Super Bowl LV Recap


Benny Burke, Writer

This year’s Super Bowl pitted the Tampa Bay Buccaneers (Bucs) against the Kansas City Chiefs. The result was 31-9 as the Buccaneers came out with the victory and giving Tom Brady his seventh Super Bowl win. 

The Chiefs scored a field goal in the first quarter at 5:10 on the clock. Tampa Bay quickly answered with a touchdown (TD) to make the score 7-3. Tom Brady and Rob Gronkowski, the iconic duo from New England, put them on the board.

In the second quarter, the Chiefs would go on to score one field goal and Tampa would score two TD’s. The first of which was caught again by Rob Gronkowski, giving him the second-most receiving touchdowns in all of Super Bowl history. Jerry Rice is the only person leading him and leads only by one TD. The second TD in the quarter was made by Antonio Brown with just six seconds left on the clock, making the score 21-3.

As for the Chief’s offense, they were hard-pressed to score anything. Tampa’s defense sacked Kansas City’s quarterback Patrick Mahomes three times throughout the game and forced him to run from the play countless times. 

After the underwhelming halftime show performed by popular pop artist The Weeknd, the second half of the game kicked off. It started with a 64-yard march down the field by the Chiefs that resulted in a field goal. Undeterred, Tampa Bay fired back with a 27-yard run that resulted in a touchdown by their running back, Leonard Fournnete, to make the score 28-6. 

The more that the Chiefs got possession, the harder it was for the team to compete in the game.

Their offensive line tragically let down Mahomes as he tried his hardest to score. Everything they tried was completely shut down by Tampa and Mahomes was continuously hunted around the field.

During the third quarter, Mahomes threw an interception that gave possession to the Buccaneers. This turnover resulted in a field goal to make the score 31-9, and it wouldn’t change after this. 

Neither team scored in the final quarter, giving an anticlimactic ending to Super Bowl LV.