Three different restaurants are moving in around Fenton


Halee Alexander, Writer

New upcoming restaurants are said to open soon in Fenton, Mich. including the following: Fuel up Fresh, a Dunkin Donuts and a restaurant called The Vault.

Kali, owner of Fuel Up Fresh, and her husband Justin have a daughter. They consider it their obligation to her to “show her nothing more than an exemplary healthy lifestyle.” Their restaurant offers healthy dishes and tasty meal plan options. Every Tuesday a week’s worth of meal plans is posted on their website and they are expected to order by the next Friday at 9 p.m. They then prep all the meals over the weekend and allow for pickup or delivery of the fresh prepped for the next week.

Bemier Camera Shop is now located behind the fenton hotel, and in their old building is The Vault. This restaurant is set to open fall of 2021. “The new eatery will employ two stories of the building with a menu slated to be casual as well as fine dining,” Steve Sweizter, writer for Lasco Press, said.

The Dunkin Donuts can be expected to be open near the end of summer 2021. The restaurant will be located on North Leroy next to the Sunoco gas station. Dunkin provides donuts, coffee, expressos, teas, and frozen drinks. They also offer a variety of breakfast pastries such as buns bagels and even sourdough bread. You can also find fresh options such as wraps.