Fenton’s own Andiamo’s: restaurant review


PHOTO Gracie Warda

Andiamo of Fenton opened on Feb. 8 in downtown Fenton.

Alexandra Marsee, Writer

Fighting for a top spot for one of Fenton’s fanciest restaurants, the new Italian wonder, Andiamo’s had its grand opening Feb. 6. The eighth of the Andiamo chains, is worth a visit.

A fancy ambiance can make a great meal feel even more special. The italian eatery has outdone itself in its decor. A twist on a modern barn feel, the inside of the restaurant is very appealing. Every table is pre-set with shined glasses, gold decor and lit candles. Andiamos can be very romantic for anyone looking to take a nice date.

The serving and hosting staff is nothing less than extremely polite and helpful. The workers all function as team who is happy to help each customer have a lovely time. Each table has a server’s assistant, which is a rare commodity. Our server was very informed on many of the dishes’ origins. It was insightful knowing the stories of where the flavor and pasta ideas originally come from.

After the free serving of warm italian bread with spiced olive oil, the dinner arrived quickly. One of the signature dishes, Tortellini alla Panna, was a decadent spin on the traditional beef-filled pasta with mascarpone créme. It was a perfect blend of the beef and basil that leaves any mouth watering. The food came out in beautiful bowls, with sizable serving sizes and a perfect temperature. Any expectation for tasteful Italian food could certainly be filled.

Fine dining can definitely come with a price . The menu comes with some elegant choices that may bring total costs up. Single meals can range from 17-35$. Some of the main dinners come with a soup or salad, which is as tasty as some of the meals. Andiamo’s is a restaurant for special occasions, yes, but may not be the first choice if you are looking for a quick or easy dinner.

Overall, anyone looking for a beautiful night out does not have to go far. Andiamos brings the look, beauty, and classic taste of Italy right to the small town of Fenton.