New chess club at FHS

Aya Zahreddine, Writer

Fenton High has recently implemented a new club at the school— the Chess Club. Members play chess and teach anyone who is interested in playing chess, as well as enter in tournaments and competitions. The club will have its first meeting on Oct. 19 and will take place every Tuesday.

 “There seems to be a lot of people interested in joining,” Chess Club adviser Mishael Kunji said. “Many students have already approached me and we are looking forward to starting as soon as the fall sports’ season ends.”

This new club is the first of its kind at Fenton High and may be beneficial for students who are looking to boost their critical and strategic thinking or simply to have fun.

“Hopefully they can imply it to their daily lives, especially in high school,” Kunji said.

The club has been in the works since last school year and is now being put in motion.

“We love playing chess and it takes a lot of skills so playing after school will be fun,” one of the club’s founders, senior Chase Gibson said. “Luckily [club adviser Mishael] Kunji was a great help; he is helping set everything up and is trying to secure the boards for chess.”

Kunji was chosen to be the adviser because of his prior chess experience. This made him “the perfect candidate.”

“As president, I want the club to be a fun activity that is available for anyone and just have a good time playing chess,” president and founder senior Lucah White said.

The club so far was able to secure four chess boards and anyone who has their own or can donate one is more than welcome to do so. Club members are planning to advertise the club after they officially have their first meeting and create a google classroom. To join the Chess Club, contact Mishael Kunji via his Fenton schools email or attend one of the meetings.