Fenton’s new wellness and beauty store Buff City Soaps

Emmy Johnson, Writer

A new beauty and health shop called Buff City Soaps has recently opened in Fenton. Located on Owen Road by Starbucks and founded in 2013, Buff City Soaps prides themselves on clean, handmade products with little to no waste or animal fats. Their store has a range of soaps, bath bombs, laundry detergent and other shower products. 

The Buff City Soaps website stated that they’re “on a mission to create handmade products that are free of harsh ingredients and full of nourishing plant-based goodies to make your skin happy. We make and sell soaps, bath bombs, body butter, laundry soap, hand soap, beard care and more.” 

Buff City Soaps prices range from product to product. With their handmade soaps, they have both regular and shea butter, allowing customers to choose between a regular or a moisturized feel. Their bath bombs are made out of oils and butters and have no Federal Food, Drug and Cosmetic dyes. They also aren’t made out of mica, both of which can be traced with other metals.

Their laundry detergent is made with clean ingredients and free of unnatural fragrances that could cause allergic reactions, such as essential oils or perfumes, or irritation to the skin. With two pounds in each container, allowing 30 uses or two tablespoons per use, and directions stating to sprinkling on top of a load of laundry.

A review left by Steve H. on the Buff City Soap website stated, “I have extremely sensitive skin and because of that I can’t use a lot of detergent, but Buff City Soaps detergent is great for my skin. It doesn’t cause any irritation and smells great. I’m going to get it in every scent.”

Buff City Soaps also provides classes where people can sign up and learn more about the soap making process as well as their bath bomb process. Customers can see what goes in their products as well as customize their own soaps to take home and use. Customers can choose the scent, color and size of their product or remake one of Buff City Soaps products.

Prices range from $7 to $15 as compared to other stores like Lush whose prices can range from $8 to $23. Buff City Soap is the more affordable option of the two. Along with being more affordable, Buff City Soaps has great reviews on their website and a five-star rating on Google. 

Another reviewer, Jennieder A., reported, “It doesn’t leave your skin dry or cracked, the smell is amazing and I feel clean after using it. Will definitely have to continue stoking up on Buff City Soaps.” 

To learn more go to BuffCitySoaps.com or visit their Instagram and Twitter buffcitysoap.fenton to get information on sales, new scents and more.