Angel Tree donations at Fenton High

Riann Masi, Writer

Fenton High Student Council prepares an occasion where students can give back to their community by donating Christmas presents through their Student Resource Time (SRT) classes. 

Through their SRT classes, students are given the opportunity to participate in the Angel Tree program in collaboration with the Rotary Club of Fenton. Last year Fenton High did not have the chance to participate in Angel Tree because of COVID-19. 

“The Angel Tree organization has been going on for a long time in the community,” Student Council President senior Katie Premo said. “This organization was brought to the Fenton High student council this year by the office staff. They asked if we would be willing to organize and keep track of the event.” 

The Fenton High student council is run by an executive board and two teacher representatives. As it was their first year of doing angel tree donation there were questions floating around about what this organization is.

“Angel Tree is a way for less fortunate children to have a Christmas that otherwise would’ve been unaffordable,” Premo said. “This year each student resource class was given the opportunity to adopt an “angel” and provide gifts for them. 

For the donations students and teachers may bring in their own gifts pre-wrapped or wrap them in class as a group. The presents are then picked up by Student Council representatives. From there they are dropped off at an address according to the organization.

“The classes who choose to adopt an “angel” are in charge of providing the funds for the gifts,” Premo said. “For example, the student resource classes that chose to adopt an “angel” were responsible to bring cash donations or gift donations in order to participate.” 

Dec. 6 was when student resource classes started and finished their presents for their adopted “angel.” There are ways to help those in the community during the Christmas holiday. The Angel Tree Donation organization is taking part in this tradition. People who volunteered this year provided toys such as teddy bears, remote control cars and books.