Fenton/Linden hockey highlights

Riann Masi, Online Editor

The Fenton/Linden hockey team continues their season with a 15–8 record and is trying to follow their goal of reaching the regional title to beat the Hartland Eagles. The Fenton/Linden Griffins have spent around four months together as a team, as they continue the last few weeks of the season, the team tries to meet the goals they have set for themselves. 

“I have been playing hockey since I was seven,” senior Jacob Flordia said. “My dad played when he was young, so I was influenced at a young age. I have played on the high school team for two years, so my junior and senior year.” 

On Feb. 12, the Griffins versed the Davison Cardinals and won 5–1. The Griffins took an early lead this game in the first period with two points. Junior Filip Harant scored the first goal in the game against Davison. 

“A highlight of my season this year has definitely been helping Filip score his first goal in America,” Florida said. “He had been hurt for a few seasons back in his home country, so it was a great feeling to see him enjoy playing again.” 

The Griffins’ season started back in late November. Since then, the team has achieved numerous milestones— which include defeating their rivals the Freeland and Saginaw Nouvelle at the Griffins’ home rink. 

“My favorite memory with the team is beating Freeland and Saginaw Nouvelle,” senior Grayson Mackenzie said. “It was a home game so the crowd was full of energy and not to mention our family and friends were there to see the win. Before the game, the team was very nervous but excited, and by the end of the game we were all so proud of each other.” 

The team’s next and last regional game is March 2. This last game is against Hartland, for the region title. To view the Griffins’ full record and past games, visit fentontigers.org.