Playing the field twice

Riann Masi, Online Editor

Fenton High offers a multitude of athletic activities for its students. For some student-athletes who want to participate in multiple sports at once, they can with dual enrollment. This can be the case for winter, spring, and fall sports seasons; the most common dual-enrolled sports are soccer and track. 

“I started playing two sports because the soccer team needed players,” junior Sophie Crane said. “I thought the sport would be good for me as well as a different environment compared to track. A friend of mine got me to play soccer my sophomore year and now I can’t see myself not playing the sport. I also thought playing two sports would get me into better shape.” 

Dual-enrolled athletes have one primary sport, which is the main athletic activity they always attend first. Being in two sports can cause athletes to prioritize their schoolwork between practices and games because there will be less free time to do their work. 

“The experience of being a dual-enrolled athlete may vary for every athlete,” senior Aleena Garrison said. “For me I genuinely enjoy it. Being online for my classes, I lost the socialization aspect of in-person school. Being dual-enrolled also allows me to socialize with two different athletic teams which are very beneficial, although I love being dual enrolled, it still comes with stress mentally and physically.” 

Being dual-enrolled in sports isn’t always easy for athletes.

“It has been fun being a part of two sports,” junior Erin McVey said. “It’s like being a part of two different friend groups, but it gets hard sometimes to balance which sport I want to put more effort into. Some weeks I feel that track practice needs more attention, then other weeks I feel I need to spend more time with the soccer team.” 

Most of these student-athletes have been playing their sports since a young age. They decided to continue their original sport but also found interest in other athletic activities. 

“I ran track and played soccer since I was about six years old,” Garrison said. “So having the option to be involved with both of my favorite sports is what drove me to be dual enrolled this year. Not only do both of my sports fall in the same season causing me to be dual, I also simply just enjoy pushing myself to be social with those around me. Being a part of both teams allows me to do that.” 

With the option of dual enrolling students at FHS students are able to enjoy more than one sport in a season. To learn more about dual enrolling in sports visit: