Student section shows up week after week to support football team


PHOTO Kyla Marx

Emmy Johnson, Editor

For many, Friday night football games are a pinnacle part of being a high schooler. Maybe it’s the concession stands, hanging out with friends, the band and cheerleaders or the themes each game, but at Fenton High, the student section is dedicated to supporting Fenton High’s football players. 

“I think a good student section relies completely on the connection between the students and our administration, students can both joke with me while also being able to respect me if I tell someone to stop a certain behavior,” Assistant Principal Zach Bradley said. “That’s why I love section leaders, they can come to me asking for advice or I can go to them and give them advice.”

Fenton High’s student section is located right next to the band in front of the endzone. Each grade has two section leaders where they can come up with cheers or ideas to show support for the football team. Currently, some grades don’t have section leaders or are still waiting to appoint some.

“Right now I have a hate-love relationship with not having section leaders,” Bradley said. “I like having two people to rely on completely, while I also enjoy appointing leadership roles to anyone in the front role each night.” 

Fenton students are known for bringing signs to cheer on or poke fun towards players, as well as coming to games dressed for themes selected by the fenton student section’s Instagram, @fentonstudentsection. The themes for the football season are announced before each football season— each game (at home and away) has a corresponding theme to go with it. 

“My friends and I love getting dressed up for the football games,” senior Izzy Shier said. “Having a theme just makes going to a game more exciting. We see it as a time to hangout before and during the games.”

During football games, most students get enthusiastic— oftentimes finding themselves chanting support towards players, maybe even dissing the opposing team.

“I’m not a big fan of football, as a sport, but I notice once I get in the student section I have a lot of school spirit,” Shier said. “I try to show my support by yelling cheers with all my friends— it’s one of my favorite things to do.”

One unspoken feature of the student sections is a set of rules or a hierarchy. Seats are done by grades— with seniors in the front, juniors and sophomores in the middle and freshmen in the back. Middle schoolers aren’t even allowed in the section. Although underclassmen won’t be kicked out if they decide to go against tradition, they might get some glares.

“I think the student section has a hierarchy, since seniors have been at the high school the longest we expect to sit in the front,” Shier said. When I was in middle school I wasn’t allowed in the section and as a freshman, I had to sit in the back. It’s a sign of respect and if you don’t do it, some upperclassmen would make fun of you.”

Administration tries their best to keep students safe at games. One way they do this is by announcing when game days are and making safety announcements for students to keep in mind.

“At games I try to keep an eye on the student section,” Bradley said. “I’m not looking for anyone doing something bad, just trying to be sure that no student is being pushed or getting hurt. I think our student section does a good job at being safe; I also like to warn parents if they’re by the students, to be prepared for yelling and jumping.” 

The student section at Fenton High is still growing and coming up with new ideas.

“Past administrations I worked at would have these cheers that would bring down the house,” Bradley said. “Each grade would yell a chant then the student body would do it together, or even bringing trash bags to clean up after is just something I would love to see at Fenton.”

At Fenton High, the student section creates lasting memories for the student body. To support Fenton High’s football team, check out for the 22-23 schedule.