Preparation for 2022 homecoming floats underway

Libby Pattan, Writer

The students of Fenton High have anxiously awaited the tradition of building homecoming parade floats since the beginning of this school year, and now the time has come. 

Fenton High includes the building and decoration of parade floats in the homecoming tradition. Each year there is one main theme, this year being “Into The Wild.” Each class picked a subcategory for which they can decorate their float however they choose. For the parade floats of 2022, the seniors have chosen the theme of “Under The Sea,” the juniors have chosen “The Jungle,” the sophomores have “The Tundra” and additionally, the freshmen have chosen “The Desert.” With the theme “Into The Wild,” students will bring exotic ecosystems to Fenton. 

“Seeing all of our hard work on display, being pulled through downtown Fenton on parade day evokes a huge sense of accomplishment and camaraderie,” senior Maddie Burnau said. “This year I’m excited to bond with my classmates and beat the underclassmen in the float contest.”  

Because students were forced to miss out on their homecoming traditions in the year 2020 as a result of COVID-19 and quarantines were still prevalent in 2021, students are especially excited to be back to traditions and to help the community enjoy this homecoming season as much as possible.

“Our goal this year is to represent each person who helps with the process,” junior Isabelle Yambrick said, “and to show how people with different ideas can come together to create an organized float through teamwork.” 

Bringing in elements such as ice and snow to their tundra float, the sophomores are back together for their second homecoming parade preparation.

“Building the homecoming floats is always such a great bonding experience,” sophomore Liz Beaven said, “and it is such a unique way to get to know your classmates better.” 

As first year competitors, the Class of 2026 is bringing the theme of “The Desert” to Fenton.

“Our goal this year is to make a float the best we can, and be proud of the result,” freshman Evie Metcalfe said. “I am most excited to get to know my classmates better and maybe make some new friends along the way.

To witness the float-building visions of these students come to fruition, check out the floats during the homecoming parade— set to take place at 5 p.m. on Sept. 30.