Clubs raise money for FHS family through can and bottle drive

Emersyn Sprague, Writer

Fenton High students from NHS, Key club and ECO club recently hosted a can and bottle drive to raise money for an FHS family that was suffering from a loss. 

Senior Matthew Allor initiated the can drive in hopes of raising money for the family.  Allor has been a part of the Fenton, Linden and Lake Fenton ski team for many years. So when the team lost one of their coaches, he wanted to do something for the individuals closely related to them. 

“I saw a need within my own team,” Allor said. 

However, Allor didn’t do it alone. Members from Key club, ECO club and NHS all participated and successfully completed the can and bottle drive. On Jan. 1,  students headed out to collect cans within the community. All together the clubs collected and returned around $700 worth of donations.

Although the drive has ended, Allor would like to do a second round collecting and returning cans and bottles in order to help the community.

“Since this went so smoothly, if the community is able to provide, I would love to do a second can/ bottle drive,” Allor said.