High School is NOT like the Movies

Do not worry, on Wednesdays you do not have to wear pink. As you are walking to class you will not get yanked into the bathroom and have your head shoved in a toilet. You probably will not see a musical being performed by a couple in love in the middle of the cafeteria.

As the eighth grade students’ freshman year arrives, they anticipate what their first day of high school will be like. As people who have already experienced high school know, it is not like the movies. We do not sing and dance on top of tables during our lunch period. We do not see big tough guys pushing geeks against the lockers and taking their lunch money. We definitely do not see mean girls walking slow motion down the hallway in a triangle formation causing people to drop their jaws.

“In the movies, it seems like there is one person ruling the school,” sophomore Kendall Nash said. “It is not actually like that. As long as you have friends to depend on, you will be fine.”

Walking from class to class the majority of kids just visit a friend at their locker or just walk to their next class. Not very much happens like extremely dramatic fighting or romantic scenes.

“Passing time in movies always seem like it is 20 minutes long and you have time to do anything,” sophomore Leah Lynch said. “In real life, you just get your things and walk to the next class.”

In high school, there are couples who stand in the hall way and act like it’s the end of the world because they will not see each other for a whole class period. However, dating in real life is much different.

“It is not that easy to pick up girls,” senior Adam Fulton said. “In the movies, they go on all these cool dates and make it really formal, but it is not like that.”

All movies have the popular group: jocks, losers, goths and geeks. In real life, there are no specific posses that sit in completely separate sides of the room.

“In high school, the cliques are not as prominent,” sophomore Hope Dagenais said. “In movies, it seems like groups are more defined as social classes by the most popular and preppy to the least but really we all just have our own groups of friends.”