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Opinion: Prom was better on the boat


In recent years, Fenton High has been hosting prom on the Detroit Princess Riverboat, but this year, prom was held at a banquet hall in Troy called Petruzzello’s. After prom, many students were disappointed at the venue, and said they preferred the riverboat. 

For $115, the food was lacking. Different students had different experiences with the food, but the majority of people said that it wasn’t worth the money, and tasted like frozen food. Some students even claimed that the meat products were undercooked, and even raw. Others claimed that the food caused them to be sick later on in the night. One highlight of the meals were the dessert and a towering chocolate fountain.

With the amount of people who attended prom, there weren’t enough tables for everyone to sit with their friends. Certain groups that arrived late because of the bus schedule had to be broken up between other tables to be accommodated to sit. Not being able to sit with friends and being put into a table full of strangers isn’t ideal for anyone. 

Unlike the Detroit River Princess, the venue this year was one singular large room, trying to fit over 400 students, plus staff inside. The overall vibe just felt very cramped for many students. The room had to fit in all of the tables, food stations, photo booth and dance floor, with little space in between. The dance floor is usually a place where a lot of people are crammed into a small place to dance, and lots of heat comes off of it. Having the dance floor not separate from everyone else, unlike last year’s prom, caused the entire room to be warmer than usual. 

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For the students who enjoy a more quiet and relaxed environment, there weren’t many alternatives to dancing in the main room. There was a “second floor” that had two pairs of cornhole and a few tables with cards, but this “second floor” was the size of a balcony, with little space for students. 

Although the overall atmosphere of the room seemed cramped, other students said they preferred this venue over the boat. They claimed how because everything was in the same room, there was a bigger sense of togetherness between the students. This is an important aspect to the seniors that spent their last prom together. 

Junior and senior prom is an important occasion for all students attending, but with lack-luster elements, disappointment fell upon students this year at the banquet hall.

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