Human Nature Causes Violence

Aspects of human nature may provide insight into violence

Causes of mass violence can be found in the inner workings of the human mind and human behavior, rather than bad parenting and situational misgivings.

The first type of natural causes for mass violence is found in human nature.

One theory of natural human behavior as the cause of violence was presented by Sigmund Freud, the father of psychoanalysis. Freud said human behaviors are motivated by sexual and instinctive drives, and when these motives are repressed, the emotion is outwardly displayed as aggression.Freud also believed that innate in every human naturally, that encourages destruction.

The second type of natural cases for mass violence is found in the genes people are born with and how those genes can create traits that would prompt violence.

Take people with mental illnesses as an example. It is unfair to say that every person with schizophrenia will be a criminal, just as it is unfair to say that every child with schizophrenia had parents who neglected him, leading him to believe that the voices inside their heads will leave them alone if they shot up a school.

Some may argue that as people learn to live in their environment, the events that happen to them shape their ability to live with their instinctual or genetic disabilities. In many cases for criminals, those instincts cannot be controlled.

Obviously, there is no definite solution to an inward instinct of aggression. We cannot simply remove this natural behavioral aspect of the human makeup without turning ourselves into emotionless robots.

People can however be more conscientious of how they and their friends/ family function and seek to help each other control those natural impulses.