Local activities to try this spring break

Dylan Dockins, Writer

The countdown until spring break has begun, with only 11 days left until it’s here. While some see it as time to enjoy the beach and warm temperatures, others enjoy staying at home. Fenton and the surrounding areas are filled with many opportunities to keep busy during the 10 day break.

If the weather permits, one of the best ways to keep busy is to find activities outside. An amazing way to do so is spending time at Seven Lakes State Park in Holly. Seven Lakes offers camping and countless hiking trails throughout the park.

Biking is great way for just about anyone who wants to be active during break. It is a delightful way to get place to place. Biking allows people to get outside and enjoy nature. A big plus side to biking is that you can do it on your own time, to any place to your own limits and, most importantly, it is free.

Even if the weather does not permit, there are plenty of indoor activities to keep busy.

One thing to do is simply going to the movie theaters. the whole experience of going to a theater and find it enjoyable. It is relaxing as well as entertaining, especially with the new theaters coming out that have restaurants and luxury seating. The closest theater in the area is Emagine in Hartland, where they have heated, reclining seats, and food can be delivered right to your seat.

Trampoline parks are not just a fun time but it is a great exercise as well. A popular one in the area is Planet 3, in Flint. For something more local there is Tri County Ninja. Tri County Ninja is a place that is more obstacle course heavy from rather than just trampolines. All in all enjoyable way to get good exercise.

Bowling is a great way to spend time with family and friends. It is one activity that can be enjoyed by any age and any level of athletic ability. Whether you make a competition out of it or to pass time. It is affordable and many bowling alley’s can be found in our area, for example Holly Lanes along Grange Hall Rd.

No matter the location, spring break is a time to be enjoyed. In any situation it is what you make of it. These are just few of the many things students can find around Fenton to make spring break well worth it.