How to get a job this summer

Bree Soule, Writer

With school out for the summer,  students have a lot of free time during the day, which some use  to learn new skills or try new things while others go to work. Summer jobs are very common amongst students and companies throughout Fenton are looking for new employees.

“We look for someone enthusiastic, friendly, out-going, and reliable when we are hiring,” Culver’s Manager Morgan Winters said. “Culver’s is all about creating a family-friendly environment so we want to make sure our crew adds to that atmosphere. We try to see the potential in everyone, however if someone seems to be very negative or we don’t feel that they would work well on a team, we tend to not hire them.”

Being friendly and outgoing aren’t the only qualities that help land a job, even if they are helpful. Working well in a team environment is important for certain jobs as well as being self-sufficient.  

“We look for people who can hold a great conversation while they’re getting their work done,” Jersey Mike’s Subs Manager Michael Balen said. “We want someone who can enrich someone’s day and liven up the energy in here. The most desirable quality in an employee is a person who is a self-starter. I want employees that know what they should be doing at all times and when we’re slow and don’t have any customers to serve in line, they can find something to do.”

Consider the atmosphere when applying for a job. Someone shy may want to veer from customer service, whereas customer service could be a great industry for more outgoing applicants. 

“It’s fun working here,” Winters said. “Every day is different. Some days are really busy – some days not so much. It’s fun to work somewhere that is so integrated with our community. We try to make it a light-hearted, easy-going environment.”

Seasonal hirings are also an option for students looking for a job this summer, meaning that the position is temporary for the season. With the right qualities and a good attitude, a summer job could be right around the corner. Click here for a list of local job opportunities.