Adrenaline Dance Team becomes a competitive sports team

Sydney Bommersbach, Assistant Online Editor in Chief

This will be the 11th season of performing for the Fenton High Adrenaline Dance Team, and they’re making moves on and off the basketball court. The team attended their first competition last spring, their first Meet the Team this fall and they have big plans for the rest of this school year. 

“We have the biggest team we’ve ever had with a nice variety of talent, and that’s really exciting as a choreographer,” head coach Toni Harris said. “I’ve never had first-year seniors, and we have two this year. This tells me that the team is gaining interest among the students.”

In addition to adding members to the team, Fenton High alumni Marissa Bellinger, was also added to the coaching staff, serving as an assistant coach to Harris. 

“As a past four-year member, I saw what it was like to be on the team,” Bellinger said. “I know what will benefit the girls. Coming up with choreography, costumes and music ideas can be tricky. I view it as if I was a member of the team still and it helps me. I was in their position once so I know what they don’t like and what they love. Dancing in front of your peers can be intimidating, so I try my best to create something that the girls will not only enjoy doing, but also feel comfortable performing.”

Along with Bellinger’s new incite, the team has experienced choreography from head coach Harris, from Fenton High alumni Kasey Caswell and from current team captain, senior Megan Beemer. 

“Within the past year, we went from being a recreational club to a competition team,” Beemer said, “We took second place in the jazz category at our first competition with my choreography, and third place in the hip-hop category. It’s been great to see the team evolve into something I’m truly proud to be apart of.” 

A change that came with attending a competition was recognition by the Fenton High athletic department. No longer considered a club, the team is now considered a sports team and is able to attend Meet the Team in the fall and winter seasons. 

“Being able to go to Meet the Team was so great,” junior Taylor Farrell said. “It made me feel like the dance team has a place at the school, when the last few years we’ve barely been considered a club. It was a big step for legitimizing our team with the athletic program, as well as the school as a whole. I’m excited to see what this season brings.”

Between former and new members alike, the girls put in the effort and hope that this will be their best season yet.

“There’s a new level of dedication to the team,” Beemer said. “The validation from our first competition last year showed us that we are legitimate, and that we can compete at a high level. This motivated us to take it more seriously, because now we know we are capable of being great. There’s a group effort to take the team to a new level and maintain the quality of our craft.” 

The dance team’s first competition is on Nov. 2 at Grand Blanc High School, where they will be competing in the hip-hop category. The team also intends to dance in the Jinglefest parade, as well as at halftime of the home basketball games per usual.