Big Apple Bagel cafe is now open

Big Apple Bagel cafe is now open

Riann Masi, Writer

Recently, a new edition has been added to restaurants on Owen Road called Big Apple Bagels. Kiddy cornered to Tropical Smoothie is the new storefront for the cafe Big Apple Bagels— where they sell muffins, bagels, coffee, and bagel sandwiches. 

“I chose to work at Big Apple Bagels because it’s right across the street from my neighborhood,” junior Jessica Dunkel said. “It’s also seemed like a very good first job for me.” 

Fresh bagels and muffins are made every morning and customers can be seen lining up throughout the day.

“I work after school for only an hour, so I don’t see the biggest rush,” Dunkel said. “But we have had rushes everyday that can last for an hour or longer and there can be a line out of the door.” 

The cafe is different from its competitors, such as Tim Hortons and McDonald’s.

“What makes Big Apple Bagels different from the other chains is that everything is made fresh by the employees every morning,” Dunkel said. “Customers should know they are eating something we took the time to perfect everyday.” 

Big Apple Bagels has more to offer than just fresh bagels and muffins. The restaurant offers a comfortable atmosphere for customers to eat in and also have a variety of breakfast and lunch items, treats, and beverages

Check out Big Apple Bagels website,, or stop into the restaurant today. The cafe is open every day of the week from 6:30 a.m. to 4 p.m.