Opinion: High school students are losing their high school experience.

Opinion: High school students are losing their high school experience.

Riann Masi, Writer

Football games, school dances, the student section are just three examples of activities that simply didn’t happen this year because of COVID-19. Students at Fenton High started their school year online then transferred to face to face instruction— then back to online schooling after two short months. COVID-19 is causing students to lose their High School experience. 

“As a senior, it does feel like we are losing our high school experience,” senior Noah Sage said. “Losing being with our friends, going to football games, rallies, and many other activities that we look forward to every year.” According to a poll posted by Fenton InPrint on Twitter, 100 percent of voters said high schoolers were losing their high school experience. 

Before the second shutdown of schools, the winter sports season started. However, because of the shutdown, these students now cannot continue playing. According to the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA), “Nearly eight million students participate in high school athletics.” 

“I would be playing basketball if we were face-to-face this winter season,” Sage said. “Going online messes up all sports seasons. In the spring, I plan to run track and field. Participating during my senior year plays a big role in my college running career.” 

Not only are seniors missing out on their last year of high school, but freshmen are missing out on their first year. Coming into a new building, having new teachers, and meeting new friends— freshmen are entering a new part of their education and are in the unknown for their upcoming high school years. 

“My high school experience compared to others before me— sure has been different— but sadly there’s nothing I can do about it,” freshman Allison Bartholomew said. “I never thought it was possible for this to happen, especially in my lifetime.” 

Outside of school, there are many opportunities for students to interact with each other such as football games and rallies. Now without these opportunities, students are missing out on making contact with other students. The future is uncertain whether the school will continue on in the same direction as students are now wearing masks and standing six feet apart. Overall, online schooling and shutdowns are forcing students out of their high school experience.