Opinion: Should students be allowed snow days while online


Riann Masi, Writer

While in virtual school, numerous questions about if students should have snow days have been floating around. Even though students are learning online at home, some schools are embracing the freedom of snow days. Schools such as Mona Shores Public Schools say their snow day tradition will not change with this year’s events. 

Muskegon County school district has committed to keeping the six snow days they are allowed by Michigan law while continuing online school. Instead of snow days, Jackson Public Schools created ‘virtual days” where students can complete school work from home, an article by the National Public Radio said. 

Snow days provide students with a break from school, as well as giving them the chance to catch up on work if need be. “Yes, I believe that snow days should continue while still online.” junior Jessica Dunkel said. “I think that snow days give both students and teachers sort of a brain break from school and their work. Even while still being online, students need brain breaks.” 

Snow days provide many benefits in the field of mental and physical health of students. On this day off, students can sleep in — which helps with their sleep cycle and physical growth — while also getting a brain break from schoolwork and the school’s schedule. 

Students and teachers this year have had to change their schedules and ways of teaching and learning, but some things as simple as snow days have the ability to stay the same, giving the schools’ student body and staff time to recharge.