Policies and rules foreign to Michiganders


Benny Burke, Writer

This spring break, most families in Fenton drove or flew out of Michigan for their time off. The states outside of Michigan have different ways of life, especially with COVID-19 precautions and ways of handling the spread. Sometimes the spread isn’t handled at all.

“In Hawaii, they are ten times more strict about masks,” freshman Caiden Alsbach said. “You have to wear a mask if you’re anywhere in public, unless you’re eating. They took their precautions much more seriously than Michiganders and I guess that’s why their COVID-19 cases are so low.” 

The exact stat on Hawaii’s COVID-19 cases is 2,153 per 100,000 residents and their population is 1.4 million, according to Becker’s Hospital Review. 

From a state with very strict COVID-19 rules to another state that seems to be the polar opposite; and that state is Oklahoma. 

“The rules weren’t exactly different there, but it was the fact that people didn’t follow them.” senior Cayden Youngs said. “Nobody was there to enforce the rules and you can walk into a place without a mask even if there was a sign outside saying it’s required. It was just odd seeing everything look so normal.”

According to The New York Times Coronavirus Map, Michigan is a hot spot for COVID-19. This surge in cases happened just after spring break and was most likely caused by all the people traveling to different states and bringing their positive cases back to Michigan.

In Gulf Shores Alabama, freshman Miles White also experienced not having to wear a mask. “While we were staying there many stores and places didn’t require you to have masks. It was a surreal experience and much different from Michigan,” White said.

Even though Michigan seems to be more strict than other states, the population is still seeing a massive spike in COVID cases. The state simply couldn’t stop people from contracting COVID and bringing it back to our state.