Fenton Highs Varsity Baseball team


Riann Masi, Writer

Fenton High spring sports have been in motion since late March. The varsity baseball team has had a few hiccups in their season this year because of  COVID-19. Student-athletes take COVID-19 tests Monday every week. With these tests, the varsity baseball team has been quarantined the most. 

“This season has gone pretty well so far.” junior Brady Tallman said. “We had a rough start with a few tough losses at the beginning of the year, including Holly. Since the loss against Holly, we haven’t lost any more games in the metro.” 

The baseball team’s record for league plays so far this year is 10-1, only losing to Holly. Because of COVID-19, there have been a few games the team has had to cancel. 

“COVID-19 has been challenging,” varsity Coach Shawn Lawrence said. “The pandemic has been hard on the kids; getting quarantined due to contact tracing and dealing with the stress COVID-19 testing.”

Every Monday morning, students partake in COVID-19 testing. These tests have affected the varsity baseball team more than any other spring sport. The team lost between four and six players due to quarantine, resulting in Junior Varsity players being pulled up for games by the first testing. 

“I think COVID testing our helping us in our season.” Tallman said, “with the testing, it helps us continue to be safe and prevents us from having no season at all.” 

As it’s seniors last year playing high school baseball being quarantined for two weeks can hurt their season. 

“As a senior, the best part of playing is spending time with my teammates,” senior Logan Angel said, “but with COVID-19 one day we’ll be a whole team the next five of our guys are quarantined for the next two weeks. This hurts me as it’s my last season and I want to spend as much time as I can playing the game with my teammates.” 

As the season is coming to an end seniors, teammates, and coaches are getting ready to play their last few games. This team has had a rough start, but for the last four weeks of their season no students athlete has been quarantined, and they have been able to play with a full team their last games.