Top ice cream places in Fenton


April Carr, Writer

With summer being in season, having sweet and cold treats like ice cream can be refreshing.

Fenton has numerous ice cream shops in the area including the following: Uncle Ray’s Dairyland, The Scoop of Fenton, Culver’s, and Pumphouse Custard. With there being numerous options it may be hard to decide which one is the best and what to get from each. So, an instagram poll was held for people of Fenton to rank their favorites in order. FHS students gave their take on why they love each one.

1: Uncle Ray’s Dairyland 

    Coming in first place with over 83 responses is Uncle Ray’s Dairyland. Uncle Rays has homemade ice cream and thrives on their customer service. Not only does it have exceptional ice cream, but it also has a mini golf course, where people can have fun in a friendly match and also have the chance to win prizes. The prices consist of a free dirt sundae and discount depending on the putt putt hole. Uncle Rays opens around 12pm, and closes around 9:30pm, and they also have a takeout option. There is outside seating as well as inside dining, and customers can also purchase cakes from there.

“Uncle rays is a great place in the summertime,” junior Paige Javor said. “I love going there with my friends and playing mini golf. After I am done playing mini golf I like to get mint chocolate chip ice cream or a snickers sundae, which is super refreshing.” 

2: The Scoop of Fenton

In second place with 75 votes is The Scoop of Fenton. Scoop is well known for their milkshakes and their well-decorated interior. Scoop has numerous ice cream flavors, and milkshakes to choose from, as well as toppings. They have a very vibrant and upbeat atmosphere. It is a short walk from Fenton House, and other downtown restaurants, making it an easily accessible place for dessert. They also have dairy free options located on their menu making it so that people with dietary restrictions can also enjoy it. Employee and junior Mathew Allor especially enjoys Scoop because of the fun environment. 

“I love working at The Scoop of Fenton because I enjoy talking to and meeting new customers everyday and also recognizing the regulars,” Allor said. “One of my favorite things at The Scoop would actually be our toppings. I enjoy snacking on them during my shift. Particularly the gummy bears.”

3: Culver’s

In third place with 74 votes is Culver’s. Though Culver’s is a fast food chain, it still ranked well among the people of Fenton. Culver’s is famous for their Concrete Mixers, as well as how many options they have. There are over 10 flavors to choose from as well as toppings that can be mixed and matched with each other. They are also very famous for their custards that come in numerous different flavors. Culvers has a drive through and a dine in the area so people can get it on the go or enjoy a treat at a table.

“My absolute favorite thing to get is a M&M concrete mixer,” junior Lily Reese said. “It is the perfect amount of M&Ms to vanilla ice cream.”

4: Pumphouse Custard

    Coming in at the number four spot with 61 votes is Pumphouse Custard. Pumphouse is located by Fenton Fire Hall and is known for their downton walking experience because it does not have a drive through. Pumphouse has numerous unique ice cream flavors for all to enjoy. Some of these flavors consist of cake batter, salted caramel pretzel, and a fruit sorbet. While enjoying a treat from Pumphouse, customers can sit by the river and chat with friends. 

“I love Pumphouse Custard because it is in the heart of Fenton, and it also has the most delicious ice cream after eating at savory Fenton Firehall,” junior Libby Woodard said.  “My favorite thing from the Pumphouse would have to be the chocolate custard.”

Overall, these ice cream shops have a variety of flavor options for people depending on what they are looking for.