Bowling season ends on a good note

Riann Masi, Online Editor

Fenton High’s bowling season has come to an end, as the winter sports season comes to a close. With the team’s end, six seniors said goodbye to the bowling lanes. The Tiger’s last match was on Feb. 26 at the Michigan High School Athletic Association regional competition. 

“As a senior, it was bittersweet to leave the bowling lanes for the last time,” senior Chase Coleman said. “It didn’t really hit me that it was my last time there until I was in the car on my way home. I’m definitely going to miss it.” 

While the seniors were preparing to leave and complete their final season,  Coach Ron Little just wrapped up his first season coaching the Fenton varsity boy’s and girl’s bowling teams. 

“I think the season went well,” Little said. “The girls finished with a winning record and the guys finished strong. We had two bowlers that almost made it to states for regional finals.” 

Although the girl’s team finished strong, they had to overcome a few obstacles to get there.

“The beginning of this season was a little rocky,”  senior Grace Woodruff said. “I was receiving a score I didn’t believe I should have been getting, but I worked with my coaches to find out my ball was drilled wrong. After I got my ball fixed, I saw my score increase considerably and the sport became more enjoyable.” 

As Little has had the chance to settle into his new position, he has devised a plan for a couple of things he would like to see change for the next season.

“Next year I would like to change two things: I would like the bowlers to participate in more tournaments and I want to emphasize the importance of having the right equipment,” Little said. “I believe that is something I could’ve brought up sooner in the season and improvements would have been made earlier than they were this season.” 

Alongside the varsity team, the junior varsity team practiced and participated in matches together throughout the season. Practices for the team would take place at Holly Lanes after school. 

“As a junior varsity bowler my favorite memory from this season has to be bowling a 186,” senior Brady Tallman said. “Another really good memory from this season was laughing and having a great time with my friends at practice and during matches.” 

The boy’s varsity team won three out of their 11 matches this season, while the girl’s varsity won six out of their 11 matches this season. Both the boy’s and girl’s junior varsity teams each had four wins out of the nine matches that they participated in.