The best travel essentials for the 2022 spring break

April Carr, Writer

When packing for vacation, it may feel overwhelming trying to remember all of the necessities people need and extra essentials. With spring break quickly approaching and travel increasing, this guide for travel essentials may come in handy.

1: Liquid I.V Hydration Multiplier 

Being jet-lagged, exhausted from the sun or just having a jam-packed day, it is essential that people are still getting all of their vitamins and extra hydration on vacation. The popular Liquid I.V. is a great way to increase hydration and leave people ready to do more on vacation. According to Amazon, it comes in a powdered packet and is also very skin hydrating. To purchase this item, go to

2: Neck pillow

Neck pillows are highly popular among frequent travelers because of their easy maintenance and size. According to The Bedding Planet, neck pillows are the next best thing to sleeping in your own bed while traveling. Neck pillows have numerous benefits including preventing later fatigue, providing support and comfort and being easily transportable.

3: Portable charger 

Portable chargers are a huge essential while traveling, ensuring that no matter where the travel is, the electronic devices are fully charged. Portable charges are easily accessible and also super easy to store. There are numerous different portable chargers to choose from, so while looking it may be hard to narrow down the options. However, according to Walking on Travels, a reliable portable charger is the Belkin Boost Up Charge Powerbank. Not only does it provide an extra 17 hours of battery life, but it also has a smartphone stand on the side of it to watch videos on. To learn more about this product, visit the Best Buy website or store.

4: Sunscreen

No matter where the travel is, sunscreen is essential in everyday routine. It is especially important on vacation, and if flying is involved, it is even more significant. According to Well + Good, harmful UVA rays can enter through the plane window, so it is extra important for someone flying the window seat to have sunscreen on. Dermatologist Dr. Doris Day states, “Flying at 30,000 feet for 60 minutes can be as dangerous as 20 minutes in a tanning bed.” Sunscreen can be found at any grocery store and numerous online stores including Ulta, Target, Walmart and more.

5: Camera 

While on vacation, a camera can be used to capture all of the fun moments that are experienced on the trip. Though it might feel like the memory alone will last a lifetime, it is still good to have something to reminisce on and back look at. According to Jetsetter, there are numerous cameras to choose from including Canon cameras, disposable cameras, Polaroids, and much more.

While none of these are required to bring, they are great carry-on options and have several benefits.