The Ambassadors four year seniors have been impacted by the group

Ariana Papcun, Writer

The four-year seniors claimed they have gone through a lot these years, and many have changed. Seniors Lauren Wolf, Skye Hodgkin and Adeline Wright have all stuck with Ambassadors for four years and they said they have learned a lot from it. They have all grown as a person and they have a lot of memories from those four years.

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Senior Lauren Wolf:

Being an Ambassador for four years is one of Lauren’s biggest accomplishments she is most proud of. Wolf plans on going into nursing and she believes being in the Ambassadors has prepared her for being able to react quickly and be on her feet— both of which are beneficial for nursing.

“I’ve learned a lot being an ambassador like how to fit myself in a leadership role and it really prepared me a lot for being in a new job environment and I can think quickly on my feet,” Wolf said. 

Some of Wolf’s favorite memories are from this year. After the “Back by Popular Demand” concert, everyone from Ambassadors went back to a friend’s house and hung out. This was the first time the Ambassadors had really hung out together and according to Wolf, they truly connected with each other this year. 

“It was our first time all hanging out and really being able to connect with people and just having that connection with a group and building relationships has been my favorite memory,” Wolf said.

In her free time, Wolf enjoys painting and will often paint things on her walls and canvases— but she doesn’t plan to do anything with it or take any classes. Instead, she wants to focus on her scheduling with Ambassadors. While Lauren has “changed a lot through the years,” the Ambassadors have stuck with her and changed her for the better.

“Being a four-year ambassador has really impacted me and can impact others,” Wolf said.

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Senior Skye Hodgkin:

Skye has learned so much being an Ambassador for four years. She has made a lot of amazing friends and memories. Skye believes that this opportunity is the most important thing that she has ever done. Although people may go to different careers, she believes learning how to work with others and be coworkers is very important. 

“There’s honestly nothing else I would rather be a part of all through high school. I’ve learned so much about music, performance, and, arguably most importantly, leadership and life skills,” Hodgkin stated.

One of Hodgkin’s favorite memories was in her freshman year. She went on a competition trip to Toronto to compete in the Heritage Festival for show choir and vocal jazz. There was a lot of work involved in order to give an amazing performance and Skye undeniably worked hard. 

“We won silver that year, and although the trip was fun, the real reward was in the work,” Hodgkin said.

In her free time, Hodgkin is either in the auditorium participating in a musical or a play. In the future, Skye is planning to stay with what she loves doing and intends to attend Wright State University and pursue a Bachelor’s degree of Fine Arts in acting. 

“International Baccalaureate Theater and Ambassadors are my main two extracurriculars— I just love performing,” Hodgkin said. “It feels crazy how fast these last four years have gone by, but I don’t regret a single moment.”


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Senior Adeline Wright:

The ambassadors has been life-changing over the years and has changed Adeline for the better. Being an Ambassador has shown her a variety of different people and great genres of music to sing. In the future Adeline hopes to become a psychiatrist and having the opportunity to become an Ambassador has prepared her for life outside of school by providing her with the needed skills in order to pursue the career she desires. 

“I’ve learned how to problem solve, work with many different types of people, and succeed under pressure,” Wright said. “ Most importantly, I’ve learned how to put in the necessary work in order to get the best possible outcome for any situation.” 

In Wright’s freshman year, she had the opportunity to sing a solo to “Proud Mary.” Her sister also got to sing that same solo when she was in Ambassadors, so it really inspired Wright to sing it as well. It was very special to see her older sister come to watch her perform on stage— especially because her sister is a very big role model in her life. Wright grows as a person each day because of having the opportunity to be an Ambassador for four years straight. “She came to Finale to watch me perform it and that was very special to me. She’s always been a role model so it was really cool to be able to have that moment on stage with her watching me,” Wright said. 

“I couldn’t recommend it more to anyone,” Wright said. “It’s truly changed my life for the better and I grow every day because of Ambassadors.”