Fenton and Linden combine to form the boys lacrosse team

Fenton and Linden combine to form the boys lacrosse team

PHOTO Kyla Marx

Destiny Hilliker, Writer

Fenton High has a variety of sports teams for everyone.  Boys lacrosse is a combined team with both Linden and Fenton High students. A total of 12 FHS students joined the junior varsity team while only three FHS students are a part of the varsity team.

“It’s really fun being on a team with one of our biggest rivals,” sophomore Caden Price said. “This is my first year playing with this team and seeing all the different faces from Linden makes the game of lacrosse great fun;  even with Linden being our biggest rival. I believe that it is all forgiven when we are on the field. No one holds any grudges against the other players and everyone just bonds well as if it were a big group of friends hanging out.”

Being a part of a team means more than just working with others, it is building a bond with people. When there are people that are already on the team it makes it easier to be inspired to join. Teams mostly surround each other with support and strength which can create friendships.

“This is my second year playing lacrosse,” freshman Dominic Corso said. “I was inspired to play on the field by my hockey friends who had started playing. They said it was easy to pick up and they were having a great time playing.” 

Being a part of a team sport means working on achieving goals together and being able to count on others. Linden and Fenton may be rivals during football and basketball season but when it comes to lacrosse, that is all put aside.

“I have played lacrosse for nine years and every year I try to achieve a new goal with my teammates,” Linden senior Lukas Bergfeld-Wylie said. “Our goal is to just play our hardest and get better as a team. We hope to take our conference this year again and go even further from there.”

Lacrosse is still trying to build its name in the FHS district. It has become more popular with freshmen and sophomores but there are only a couple of juniors and seniors. Make sure to come out and support the teams in their upcoming games. For more information about the team’s schedule visit: https://fentontigers.org/main/teamschedule/id/3803051/seasonid/4699806.