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Opinion: Good grades and attendance exempt students from exams

PHOTO Molly Dixon

Fenton High students are required to take an exam for each class each semester. Exam week is the most stressful time of year, resulting in all nighters and stress. At schools such as Linden High, they aren’t required for all students. 

Linden High’s student handbook states, “The Exam Exemption Incentive has shown to positively impact student attendance, as well as promoting a positive school climate.” Students must maintain good attendance and grades to meet the requirements for exemption. The Linden High Student Handbook also says that the criteria consist of four or fewer absences (excused or unexcused) in the class, three or fewer tardies in the semester, no semester suspensions, receiving an 80 percent or above in the course, or 70 percent and no missing assignments in the class. These are high standards that many students would be willing to work toward to avoid exam week.

“Personally, I love it. I think it is a great incentive for students to be at school for attendance and get good grades,” Linden High sophomore Mia Brown stated. “It takes off a lot of pressure not having exams, and overall makes school more enjoyable not having to worry.” 

At Linden, if you meet the criteria for exemption, you can still choose to take the exams for your classes to boost your grades or even build good habits.

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“If you have good grades, you do not have to take exams,” Brown said. “Though, if you want to improve your grade with the exam, you have the option to.” 

Students at Fenton High believe that this policy would be beneficial for them as well.”I would do anything not to take exams,” junior Sophia Markley said. “Whether that means being there on time, being there every day, it would be worth not having the stress of exams.” 

Students at FHS dread exams. Exam exemption could lead to students taking attendance and academics more seriously. Rewarding students for good attendance and grades with exemption from exams would inspire students to start making more of an effort to come in on time and work harder in class. Good attendance and grades should exempt students from exams.

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