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Importance and challenges of studying Shakespeare

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Some people would say that in William Shakespeare’s plays and stories it is like a whole different language, and it is tough to disagree. In 38 of Shakespeare’s plays all of them include tragedy and conflict. For instance, take “Romeo and Juliet” which is arguably one of Shakespeare’s most famous plays. In this story, Shakespeare tells you what has happened but he also includes something called foreshadowing, meaning that he can give hints to the reader of what will happen in the future. In many of Shakespeare’s plays he does this by giving deeper meaning of words and also sets the scene by giving the reader more information and details of the story.  Thereare also many challenges and things that make Shakespeare’s plays different and also misunderstood. 

According to, in a survey in which 500 teachers were asked to ask their students how they felt on Shakespeare’s plays, a stunning 56% of the kids found it difficult to understand the plays, since their meaning had so much value in such a different way. 55% of the students said that they were uninspired and didn’t really understand or care about his plays. As manyas teachers love teaching their students about Shakespeare’s plays, they also have to understand how hard it can be for kids to understand what the meaning of the plays are. 

“It was definitely a fun story to read and it had many cool and interesting parts,” said freshman Lila White.

Shakespeare doesn’t only teach people different ways of reading and teaching, but he is also one of the oldest and most classical authors of all time. Shakespeare was born in April of 1564 and created many interesting stories for people to enjoy. One of his  stories is Romeo and Juliet, a story about a girl and boy who love each other but can’t marry since their families hate the other. According to, in plays such as Romeo and Juliet and many more, Shakespeare uses his own style of writing to get people into the story. Some people would go on to say that Shakespeare’s creative way of thinking makes him the most influential writer in the history of the English language. As hard as Shakespeare can be to understand it can also be a good thing. According to California State University, reading from another perspective helps the reader understand something from another point of view and that might help that person understand the story or play better. 

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“I thought it was very entertaining and very intriguing, very dark and I was very thrilled and privileged to have the opportunity to teach one of the greatest pieces of literature ever written. It seems like most everybody enjoyed it,” said English teacher Mr. Santo. 

As cool as it can be to read Shakespeare for some people, other people have said that they think it is very outdated and boring. According to, Shakespeare can be boring because the vocabulary is unfamiliar as well as the plot sometimes being hard to understand. Many people also struggle to understand what is happening in the story because of how the characters can speak at certain points in the story. Some people also think that it is impossible to see different angles of the story and it is all too confusing to line up.  Even though some people say the characters just have to have a willing mind, others have said it is just too boring to pay attention to. 

In the end, no matter what people think of Shakespeare, there are always things to take away from it. Many people say it is hard to understand while others say it is unique in its own way. The cool thing about Shakespeare is that people get to enjoy it in your own way.

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