Count day provides funding to the Fenton school district

Sydney Bommersbach, Online Editor

The funding for all public school districts is determined by two days a year, known as ‘count days’. Chosen by the state, there is one day in October and one in February.

“Our per pupil funding that the state provides is determined by how many students are enrolled in our buildings,” Superintendent Dr. Adam Hartley said. “The state takes that count and uses it to determine how much money we receive.”

The district receives most of its funding in the fall, getting $24,166,255.50 from the October count day and an $2,697,391.70 from the February count day**. Each student’s attendance is valuable, as for the current school year, one full time student brings $7,871 to the district.

“While attendance is important every day,” Hartley said, “when students are absent on count day, the district has 10 days to complete paperwork to prove that they are students at Fenton.”

There are other ways to receive funding, such as money being sent from the federal government for specific items, such as special education. Grants are also given from the state that must be used for specific items like 31a “At-Risk” (funds to assist students who meet a certain criteria and need additional assistance) or Title 2 (funds for teacher training).

“We have been fortunate in the past,” Hartley said, “to have a supportive community approve both sinking funds and bond funds that allow us to keep our facilities up to date and purchase important resources such as technology and buses.”

In order to educate students, the district must hire employees. Most of the count day budget is spent on personnel, which is the salaries of the people who work for the public school district. Grants may offset this cost a little, however, most salaries must come from the general fund.

**The February count is unofficial, as the district was still completing paperwork for the absent students at the time of posting.