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Opinion: AI has a place in classrooms

PHOTO Monroe Chapman

In recent years, the usage of Artificial Intelligence (AI) has increased exponentially among students all over the world. AI is able to create ideas and writing samples, without the human conscience, just by stating a prompt. With new technology, the use of AI in schools is helping students succeed in and outside of school. 

With the amount of schoolwork students are getting, it’s not uncommon for students to use AI as a resource. Starting an assignment, like a compare and contrast essay, can sometimes be difficult, and with a few words, an AI generator can write an outline for that essay. 

According to a study done by, “43% of college students say they have experience using AI tools like ChatGPT. Of those who have used AI, half (50%) say they’ve used these tools on assignments or exams. This figure amounts to 22% of all respondents in our survey, meaning 1 in 5 college students use AI to complete their schoolwork.”

Without the use of AI, students would fall behind both in school assignments and homework.

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According to, “High-achieving American students spend an average of 17.5 hours per week on homework.” 

Using AI to create outlines is cutting down the amount of time spent on homework, increasing the amount of time students spend socializing and connecting with the world around them. However, the students using AI to cheat puts AI in a bad light towards administrators and staff members.

 “We have updated our academic honesty policy to include language about AI-gerism (plagiarism using AI),” Assistant Principal Laura Lemke said. “Teachers will adjust to the use of AI by using revision histories, breaking assignments into smaller parts, more in class writing, etc.”

AI needs to be seen as a learning tool, instead of another way to cheat. Students aren’t the only ones using AI. 

“I use AI for several different things,” Lemke said. “I use AI for recommendation letters, creating AI images for the newsletter, creating presentations, email responses and to plan my summer vacation agenda.” 

AI is used for several different occasions, but without AI in schools, students and teachers are missing out on an important piece of technology that will soon be the future of academics. 

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