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Alpine Ski Team: Infusing team spirit into a solo sport

PHOTO Averi Fairbanks

Rushing down the slopes of Mt. Holly, racers weave in and out of slalom gates, competing for the fastest time down the mountain. Racers originate from Fenton, Linden and Lake Fenton and are united under the joint-school Alpine Ski team. 

Ski races are typically a two day event, the first race being giant slalom, and the next day being slalom. Races are individually timed, and scores are measured against skiers from every school present at the race.

As a result of this individuality, the team has found unique ways to work together and establish a strong team bond, in tandem with a welcoming and supportive environment. 

“We always encourage one another and give each other tips on how to improve our technique,” senior Netta Moliterno stated. 

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Additionally, the experience levels range vastly among all of the racers, some experiencing their very first season this year, whilst others have been on the team since their late middle school years. 

“I have had the opportunity to watch some of the best racers and have learned to pick up things that they did,” senior Averi Fairbanks stated. “Knowing my team always has my back also makes me be the best skier I can personally be.”  

The unwavering team support is ever-present on and off the slopes. The team engages in constant team bonding and communication, both of which work to preserve the positive environment surrounding the team.

“We have team bonding at least once a week, as well as Wendy’s on Wednesday after races and team dinner on Thursday after our race” senior Ian Mills stated. 

This foundation of positivity encourages the racer to create ambitious individual goals, and goals for the team as a whole. 

“I hope to keep placing high for varsity and for our team to make it to states again this year,” senior Brody Hindmon stated. 

Additionally, skiers give each other helpful constructive criticism when watching each other’s runs in order to help their teammates reach their best times. 

“We watch each other’s runs and see stuff that you can’t really feel while racing,” senior Jonathan Moore stated, “so you can always tell them that and help them fix it so their runs are faster.”

Among the criticisms and hard aspects of racing; teammates, captains and coaches alike work to bring a positive and reassuring environment to Alpine. 

“It’s just a fun environment to be in,” senior Angelina D’epifanio said, “if I feel like I’ve had a bad run, the team will always be there.” 

This positive social bond is present thanks to the dedicated team captains and knowledgeable coaches.

“I like being the person people come to when they need help or have questions. I like being able to help my friends,” Mills said. 

Both the boys and girls captains work together to unite the team and provide motivation, reassurance and guidance.

“I truly like being captain because it’s always an adventure,” Fairbanks stated, “I get to help my team and answer any questions or concerns they might have.” 

The resolute support and incredibly strong team bond of Alpine ski transcends varsity/ junior varsity labels, girls/boys, and the vast age differences and differing levels of experiences of the racers. For more information on the team’s upcoming races, follow the Fenton/Linden/Lake Fenton Instagram page @lfgski.

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