How Fenton High School is going to improve the district


Emmy Johnson, Writer

Fenton Area Public Schools (FAPS) are adding improvements to its schools. Through recent years FHS has made it a top priority to ensure their students receive an education that’ll push them to reach success criteria, including new teaching materials for the Social Studies Department and receiving new technology for the building.

The district improvement plan is to expand the safety of students, starting with security aids at each door to monitor who is entering the building and stopping suspicious activity, later FHS will be adding additional security with a possibility of metal detectors to ensure complete protection for students and faculty.

“We’ve already started with security guards and then most likely continuing with metal detectors in the future, but FHS will be expanding its drills to ensure protection is at an all-time high.” resource officer Tom Cole said.

Other than security starting in FHS, improvement will also be including the Social Studies department. FHS has set aside an amount of money to improve materials regularly used by the department. These improvements will be including all grades and classes, so both students and History teachers ensure the best way to learn with updated materials.

“The Social Studies department will be introducing new textbooks, maps and other materials to use, this will also be affecting 10th-grade class American studies, we will most likely be getting new books that we annually read throughout the school year.” teacher Heather Mulligan said.         

Building improvements such as roofing and tiling could be getting improved technology, primarily FHS’s intercoms at the entrance of the building. The intercoms will have better audio and cameras to see exactly who is trying to enter the building, to ensure they’re not suspicious and the safety of students and faculty is at an all-time high. This includes making sure substitute teachers are signed in, along with visitors in the building.

District improvements help to expand the safety and learning experiences for students, ensuring students have a brilliant time at FHS and reach their success criteria in a safe environment. FHS’s new technology installments are going to expand safety and making school days easier to manage.