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Opinion: Spotify is better than Apple Music



While Spotify and Apple Music have similar features, it’s hard to choose which prevails over the other. As of 2023, Spotify has 551 million monthly listeners. As of Feb. 2023, Apple Music is behind with approximately 32.6 million monthly listeners: This is because Spotify offers a broader range of collaborative features, payment plans, and more. 

In regards to social features, Spotify has two options when it comes to collaborating with your friends. The “Blend” feature allows users to create combined playlists with their friends, including a bit of everyone’s style generated by Spotify. You and your friends can also create your own collaborative playlists. 

“The collaborative playlist feature is my favorite,” junior Iris Bravender said. “I have a few and they’re definitely my most played because I get to get outside of my usual music taste.” Apple Music doesn’t have any sort of collaborative options, which can limit a user’s ability to discover new music and see what their friends are into. 

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Unlike Spotify, Apple Music doesn’t offer any free subscription plans to their listeners. Spotify offers free, ad-supported, limited access while Apple Music requires payment for any use. Spotify offers three payment plans: Standard ($10.99/month), Duo ($14.99/month) and Family ($16.99/month). They also offer a student plan for $5.99/month that includes Hulu with ads. Apple Music also offers three payment plans: Apple Music Voice ($4.99/month), Standard ($10.99/month), and Family ($16.99/month). They also offer a $5.99/month student plan that includes free Apple TV access. “With Spotify, you can get two accounts and only pay half for the second,” junior Andre Bulaong said. “To buy multiple accounts with Apple Music, you have to get the family plan. Plus, nobody even uses Apple TV so the Spotify Student plan is much better.”

Spotify also includes more music and other listening options. Users can upload their own music and listen to other music other users have uploaded. Apple Music doesn’t have this feature. Spotify also has more than just music, they also support audiobooks, video podcasts and live performance recordings. These features are comparable to Apple Music’s exclusive features which include Top Charts (allows listeners to view the current most popular songs), music videos, and  Facetime SharePlay. “I have never witnessed anyone listening to music on Facetime SharePlay. It seems useless,” Bulaong said. “Also, you can just look up the most popular songs.” 

Spotify is more popular for a variety of reasons. The ability to listen for free and the app’s exclusive features make it a better option in comparison to Apple Music.

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